Unpacking and Relocation

Why is it important to have a Packing organization?

Sometimes life takes us places and to get to them we must prepare. This is where packing comes into play. Some of us love it and others do not. Based on how often you travel and your travel requirements let us help you design the best way to pack.

Packing takes on a whole different form when it comes to packing up your home. Pick out what you love and mean the most to you, prepare to pack those items in the best way possible and start purging what you do not need. Old frying pans, old dishes and furniture that is not usable anymore has to go because it cannot go with you. These things have to be gotten rid of to ensure that you can afford to pack and move what is necessary.

It is our job to help you find out what you may want to save for the next home. We take care of your belonging and are attentive to the details that compose your décor. No matter how sturdy you things are, they must be packed with care.

We can also help seniors go from their larger home to smaller homes like a condominium on the lake or small cottage in the country. This may include a small senior living community. Having lived a life with children you may have picked up many precious things along the way. We understand that and are here to help you pack those heirlooms to give to relatives or hang those pictures in your new hallway.

Your new location

Moving to a new house or apartment means that you have to eventually unpack what you have packed. For some, this is a difficult and time consuming task. Whether the move was across town or across the country, the same amount of work is involved in the moving process.

Sometimes you want to get started in your new city and do not have time to unpack everything and put it in exactly the right place. The new job awaits, the new school and studies have to be finished or the grassroots company has to be started and packing will have to wait. This is where we can come in and get the job done so that you can starting living in your new space the way you want to.

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There may be a time when you must lease or sell your home. Staging is a way to show off the architectural benefits, design and usage of a home without getting carried away in the details. This involves arranging furniture to best express the character of the home. Everyone has a different perspective on what makes a house a home. Occasionally one has to organize things in a general flow that lets others envision the potential of the space. We understand that this is your place and that this process goes beyond décor and helps others make a decision on desiring your space over many others they have seen.

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