Personal Organizer Mission

Our mission is to provide a personalized approach to home organization that is best for the client and their organization and storage necessities. We seek to provide affordable solutions that allow the best use of storage space in your home or required area.

Personal Organizer Chicago

Our mission is to provide a personalized approach to home organization that is best for the client and their organization and storage necessities. We seek to provide affordable solutions that allow the best use of storage space in your home or required area.

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What does Personal Organizer do

We work to declutter, organize and create efficient workflow environments based on the changing requirements of our clients.

Our job is to assist in the process of creatively maximizing the using of items in the site and eliminating items that are no longer usable or essential to daily tasks.

Personal organizers in Chicago provide professional organized services such as office organize service and more. Now that you know what does personal organizer do, don't hesitate to call us

Meet Lorena Crombe

Lorena is a Professional Organizer that specializes in designing comfortable and stylish residential spaces. Over time, her work centered upon kitchen design that branched out into 16 years in custom kitchen design.

Her stunning arrangements and presentations are based in functionality. She can bring your closer to a better way of living.

Personal Organizer Services


Personal organizer Chicago provide you with the best house services, stop looking and contact one of our Chicago personal organizers


Chicago kitchen organizers service from Personal organizers Chicago company, best Personal organizer in the market

Home Office

Are you looking for a Personal Organizer in Chicago? or Office organizers? Personal Organizer Chicago is your best choice


Personal closet organizer in Chicago is one of the services Personal organizers Chicago offers to you

Unpacking & Relocation

Personal Organizer Chicago have the best Chicago Professional Organizers for Unpacking and relocation services,


If you are looking for Personal bathroom organizer Chicago contact Personal organizers in Chicago

What can a professional organizer do for you?

Some of the things we do in Personal Organizers Chicago is to give Personal unpacking and relocation organizer services. All you need in Chicago

A professional organizer is meant to be your ally, we can help you find ways to manage your personal items and how they fit into your space.

An organizer will work with you determine the functionality of space, increase efficiency and help you understand what items or pieces in the room are hindering its best use.

We can work with your tastes and favorite stores to find the pieces that put passion back into your home. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible, make a plan, set goals, follow a plan and help prioritize things.

what can a professional organizer do for you
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The Process of Personal Organizer Chicago

Once you and the organizer agree on a plan, it is onward and upward to a better looking, stylized space that will work hard for you so that you do not have to. Besides, you cannot enjoy a book you cannot find or a blouse you did not know you had.

telephone consultation with personal organizer chicago

Telephone Consultation

Call to our office in Chicago and make a consultation for an appointment

You have read all our literature and explored all of the options we offer and are thinking, what steps should I take next? The first step is easy. Call us!

first appointment with professional organizer chicago

First Appointment

Make your first appointment with one of our personal organizers, we are located in Chicago

Ding dong! The doorbell rings and we are at your door. You can accompany your professional organizer only to the places that you want to work on.

get organized with personal organizer chicago

Get Organized

Get your house organized with personal organizers in chicago

There are some steps organizers take to get started with their clients like defining the problem area and focusing resources.


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Get a professional organizer in Chicago for an affordable price

We offer affordable prices depending on the job and time necessary, but the average price per hour is $50.

To learn more please click on the button below to contact us and find out about our rates, fees and packages.

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